Youth Alcohol and Other Drugs Toolbox

Youth Support and Advocacy Service, Australia

Related to Substance use

The ‘Toolbox’ provides practitioners in the youth alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector with reliable and up-to-date evidence and literature that enables workers to increase their knowledge and enrich their practice.

There is a vast range of resources and information across three main areas:

  • Basic principles of youth AOD work
  • Theories and frameworks that guide AOD work
  • Therapeutic models – established theories and interventions used in youth AOD work

There are also a variety of modules that practitioners can work through at their own pace to further understand an area of youth AOD work, organised around specific practice or clinical issues:

  • Foundation Modules – the essential skills of youth-work (engaging, active listening, crisis intervention, relationship-based practice, and worker self-care).
  • Specialist AOD Modules – essential background and practical knowledge in the youth AOD field including harm reduction, relapse prevention and response.
  • Casework Modules – practical tools of delivering youthwork services in any organisation.
  • Resilience/Recovery Modules – divided into three suites of modules developed from the framework for resilience based intervention (social/ecological modules, knowledge and skills modules, beliefs modules)
  • Issue-based Modules – current and practice-relevant information about different issue areas (grief, trauma-informed care, self-injury, blood-borne viruses, sexual health, suicidality and managing agression and violent situations).
  • Population-based Modules – looks at specific issues affecting particular groups in the youth AOD population (working with families, GLBTI young people, young people on the autism spectrum)

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