The Lived Experience Network alumni

All of the original Lived Experience Network members have finished their two-year term and are now considered LEN alumni.

Jamie continues his involvement with Family by Family as a ‘Sharing Family’, as well as running his own business as a massage therapist and personal trainer.

Chloe has been offered multiple further leadership opportunities and exciting projects, including co-facilitating a presentation on the Trauma Responsive System Framework with Dana and Sean from Connected Self. Amid her busy parenting role with children with extensive additional needs, Chloe continues to also work towards completing her Masters and is keenly involved with extra activities at university.

Wei is now employed with Family by Family as an Educational Kids Coach, as well as providing interpreting services within the Department of Human Services. Wei believes the peer support and encouragement she experienced in the Lived Experience Network gave her the confidence to go for these opportunities. She loves that she’s been able to role model for her children a commitment to achieving her goals.

Lemy has recently given birth to a baby girl and has contributed to Emerging Minds’ Practice strategies for infant and toddler assessment online course. When Lemy isn’t busy with her three young children, she works as a home support worker on the weekends.

Shelly now works as a Youth Practitioner in a mentoring role with Connected Self, as well as being a full-time carer to three children with additional needs.

Mirja developed the confidence through her time in the Lived Experience Network to follow her career dream.

Department of Human Services staff have provided references for many of the Network members and have been able to offer guidance and support with developing or adding to their resumes.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the LEN alumni, consultants Dana and Mel, and coordinator Yasmin, who so generously shared their insights and wisdom for this project. We are grateful for the time and energy they have invested into creating this case study for others to learn from.

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