March 28, 2024

Emerging Minds Learning Workplace Dashboard – a new tool to support learning in your organisation

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the Emerging Minds Learning Workplace Dashboard!


Previously, Emerging Minds Learning has focused on individual learners, but the new Workplace Dashboard extends the platform as a useful tool for organisations as well.


Using Emerging Minds’ extensive range of online learning courses, organisational managers and leaders can now create teams and learning pathways tailored to their training needs. The platform remains free and is designed to support you to strengthen the knowledge, skills and capacity of your workforce regarding  children’s mental health and wellbeing.


The tool also allows you to track your team’s progress and download reports to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to children’s mental health.


What does this mean for individual learners?


If you’ve previously commenced or completed Emerging Minds courses, and accept an invitation from your organisation to join a team via the Emerging Minds Learning Workplace Dashboard, you’ll be asked if you consent to your organisation collecting and using information about when you start or finish the courses and learning pathways they assign to you. If they assign you Emerging Minds Learning courses or pathways you’ve already commenced or completed as an individual, your consent will mean that your organisation will be able to see this. Your organisation won’t be able to see any courses you start or finish as an individual, outside of those assigned to you as part of their Workplace Dashboard teams. But don’t worry – more information about this is provided when you accept Workplace Dashboard invitations.

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