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Emerging Minds offers free, evidence-based resources to support tertiary students’ knowledge of children’s mental health.

Whether you’re an academic, student, staff member or otherwise connected to the broader tertiary education network, you can benefit from using or integrating our range of child mental health, wellbeing, development and trauma resources into your curriculum.

Funded and endorsed by the Australian Government we take an evidence-informed approach to inclusive resource development that’s founded on gathering knowledge from:

  • current research (research and academic findings)
  • practice-based evidence (practice skills and knowledge); and
  • the perspectives, preferences and actions of children, parents and families with lived experience.

Because our resources were originally designed for the practicing workforce, we believe students – the future workforce – can learn a lot from the contemporary practice examples, real-life case studies and evidence-based supporting materials they include. And thanks to our national funding and endorsement, this content is available to you for free.

  • Understanding and promoting children’s mental health literacy is crucial to anyone working (or intending to work with) children, parents and families. While there have been significant efforts to increase awareness of adult and adolescent mental health in recent years, child mental health literacy has been largely overlooked. This lack of focus, potentially contributing to stigma and hindering appropriate help-seeking, has led to the need for a common language to describe children’s mental health issues.

  • Emerging Minds’ Workforce Development Framework outlines the strategies that underpin our activities towards generating a common understanding of children’s mental health and wellbeing at the workforce and educational levels, and promotion of children’s mental health and as ‘everyone’s responsibility’.


Various subject matter experts helped us tailor curriculum guides in the following fields.

Emerging Minds Learning Workplace Dashboard

The Workplace Dashboard is a free tool designed to enhance organisational change, providing opportunities to strengthen knowledge, skills and capacity in supporting child mental health and social and emotional wellbeing. It could also be used in a tertiary setting to engage and track student progress through Emerging Minds Learning courses.

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