Attachment, behaviour and learning – information for educators

Young Minds, United Kingdom

This webpage provides information on attachment theory and how it relates to behaviour and learning. It specifically provides strategies for education professionals to implement within the school setting to support attachment.

It includes the following topics:

  • ‘Attachment and the classroom’
  • ‘The secure base’
  • ‘Empathetic attunement’
  • ‘Coping with adversity’
  • ‘Internal working model of the self and the world’
  • ‘Insecure attachment experience’
  • ‘Insecure avoidant attachment behaviour’
  • ‘Actions for addressing insecure avoidant attachment behaviour’
  • ‘Insecure resistant ambivalent attachment behaviour’
  • ‘Actions for addressing insecure resistant ambivalent attachment behaviour’
  • ‘Disorganised attachment behaviour’
  • ‘Unconscious processes’
  • ‘Actions for addressing disorganised attachment behaviour’

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