Autism spectrum disorder in children

Australian Psychological Society, Australia

This booklet provides information for health professionals about the assessment and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

‘It includes an overview of ASD, information about the allied health professionals involved in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ASD, and the steps to take when seeking assessment and treatment through the Australian Government’s Helping Children with Autism package.’

This resource covers the following topics:

  • ‘What is autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?’
  • ‘Features of ASD’
  • ‘An interdisciplinary approach’
  • ‘The role of psychologists’
  • ‘The role of speech pathologists’
  • ‘The role of occupational therapists’
  • ‘Pathways to assessment and intervention’
  • ‘How to find a psychologist, speech pathologist or occupational therapist’
  • ‘Where to go for further information and support’
  • ‘Directory of autism associations’

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