Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Raising Children Network, Australia

This section of the website provides a vast amount of information for parents and carers about children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

It includes the following sections:

  • ‘Learning about autism spectrum disorder’
  • ‘Behaviour’
  • ‘Communicating’
  • ‘Development’
  • ‘Health and daily care’
  • ‘School, play and work’
  • ‘Therapies and services’
  • ‘Therapies guide’

Each section includes multiple webpages with information about ways in which to support, care for and understand children with autism spectrum disorder. An example of some of the topics covered includes:

  • ‘Early signs of ASD’
  • ‘Challenging behaviour’
  • ‘Communication with ASD’
  • ‘Getting ready for puberty’
  • ‘Toilet training’
  • ‘Play and ASD’

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