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This webpage provides information for young people on multiple different medications that are used to treat varying mental health problems. It briefly outlines what it can be used for, warnings and side effects, ways it can be taken and other things that need to be considered.

The following medications are included:

  • ‘Amitriptyline’
  • ‘Aripiprazole’
  • ‘Atomoxetime’
  • ‘Carbamazepine’
  • ‘Citalopram’
  • ‘Clozapine’
  • ‘Diazepam’
  • ‘Fluoxetine’
  • ‘Lithium’
  • ‘Lorazepam’
  • ‘Melatonin’
  • ‘Methylphenidate’
  • ‘Mirtazapine’
  • ‘Olanzapine’
  • ‘Propranolol’
  • ‘Quetiapine’
  • ‘Risperidone’
  • ‘Sertraline’
  • ‘Valproate’
  • ‘Venlafaxine’
  • ‘Zopiclone’

Please note this website does not offer medical advice, only general information about medications.

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