Parent–child play: A mental health promotion strategy for all children

Child Family Community Australia & Emerging Minds, Australia, December 2019

This webinar discussed how practitioners can use child-led play to assist families to improve parent–child relationships and child mental health.

In this webinar, Sarah detailed how practitioners who work with families with children aged 0–12 years can adapt child-led play to their specific professional circumstances and use it as a mental health promotion strategy. This webinar assists practitioners who interact with families in universal health, education and community services, including early childhood education and care settings, through:

  • describing how practitioners can play an important role in promoting child-led play as a mental health promotion strategy for all children
  • outlining how practitioners can support parents to use play with their child to gain insights into their parent–child relationship, and their child’s strengths and vulnerabilities
  • exploring play as a mechanism to begin conversations about the hopes that parents have for their relationships with their children and increasing parents’ agency to make positive change
  • providing strategies that develop the resilience of children and have positive effects on their long-term social and emotional wellbeing.

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