Building a strong and positive relationship with your child

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Released 3/7/23
Emerging Minds Families
Emerging Minds Families
Building a strong and positive relationship with your child

Childhood is a time to learn, grow and develop the skills to help navigate all that life will bring. It is also a time to play, explore and build positive relationships with others. Secure relationships with parents and caregivers promote healthy social and emotional development, and are the foundation for emotional regulation, and positive self-esteem and social skills.  

For many parents and caregivers, it can be hard to know how to foster a strong and positive relationship with their child, while also allowing them space to explore and grow.  

In this podcast, we talk to Lyndsay Healy, Director of the Children’s Program at Gowrie South Australia. Lyndsay has over 20 years experience in helping parents respond to the needs of their children in a way that allows children to feel safe and secure, while helping build strong relationships between family members. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • why a strong bond between parent and child is important [02:19]
  • how to recognise when you are slipping into a way of parenting you don’t want to be in  and how to come out of it [05:49]
  • how a child’s behaviour is a form of communication [07:26]
  • signs children show when they do – or don’t feel secure [11:04]

Further information and resources:

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