Gambling harm

Runtime 00:25:10
Released 15/10/19
Emerging Minds Podcast
Gambling harm

What are the impacts of gambling and how does it affect parents and children’s mental health? Host Dan Moss speaks with Monya Murch, a psychotherapist who works for the Gambling Help Service at Relationships Australia in Adelaide. Monya has specialist training in addiction, trauma-informed practice, and perinatal mental health, which she brings to her work in supporting families affected by gambling. In this episode we explore how to build trust and use a strengths-based perspective when working with parents facing this issue, and ways to support parenting to further improve outcomes for children.

In this episode you will learn:

  • A definition of gambling harm (02:04)
  • What leads people to engage in problematic gambling (04:08)
  • Role of stigma and shame in working with parents who gamble (12:55)
  • What child-focused, parent-sensitive practice looks like in gambling services (15:28)

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