Key skills in engaging children during a child mental health assessment

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Released 18/10/20

Key skills in engaging children during a child mental health assessment
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This episode is part of our upcoming e-learning course, A GP Framework for Child Mental Health Assessment. 

What is unique about engaging children in the general practice environment? Dr Aaron Chambers joins us to share his wisdom on how to effectively engage with children when conducting a child mental health assessment. Aaron is a Brisbane-based GP who has a passion for family practice and strengthening the role of general practice in local community. 

In this episode, Aaron discusses what it means to ‘walk with the family over time’ and the key skills involved in engaging children as part of a child mental health assessment. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • What it means to ‘walk with the family over time’ [01:11]
  • Why engagement is so important when supporting children with their mental health [06:03]
  • Taking a childcentred and familyfocused approach to supporting the mental health needs of children [09:28]
  • Key challenges for GPs in this area [13:37]
  • Advice and guidance to help GPs overcome these challenges [18:55]


Further information and resources:

A GP Framework for Child Mental Health Assessment e-Learning course

Supporting Children’s Resilience in General Practice e-learning course

Supporting child mental health in general practice with Dr Sara Whitburn podcast

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