Reflecting on 2020

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Released 16/12/20
Emerging Minds Podcast
Reflecting on 2020

What might children be experiencing this Christmas, in light of the unique and challenging year that 2020 has been? In this episode, three of our team members share their perspectives on how the events of 2020 might affect children and families this holiday season, and offer suggestions for ways families can support each other during this time.

Tune in to hear from Emerging Minds’ director, Brad Morgan, as well as two of our Child Mental Health Consultants, Angela Scuderi in Melbourne and Ania Mazurkiewicz in Sydney.

Mother and child

In this episode you will learn:  

  • many of us may be feeling mixed emotions and it’s okay to feel anxious and worried [05:17]
  • how maintaining routines can create sense of safety for children [06:38]
  • developing a plan for the holidays and including children in the planning can be helpful [14:30]
  • why nurturing relationships and connections is especially important this year [19:12]
  • 2020 may have taught us to slow down and value simplicity [21:22]


Further information and resources:  

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Resources for practitioners:  

The long-term effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and what they might mean for practitioners: 

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