Supporting children and young people who identify as gender diverse

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Released 12/9/23
Emerging Minds Families
Emerging Minds Families
Supporting children and young people who identify as gender diverse

Conversations surrounding gender are evolving every day, challenging traditional notions and opening new possibilities for self-expression and living authentically. However, parents can sometimes find it overwhelming to know how to support the young people in their lives as they explore their gender identity.

In this episode, we chat with Ellen Murray. Ellen is a mental health nurse who supports young people and their families to embrace their children’s authentic selves. She talks with us about how to foster healthy parent—child relationships, promote self-acceptance, and how to create a sense of belonging within families who are navigating this space with the children and young people in their lives.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • the difference between the terms gender and sexuality and the meaning of transgender [01:00]
  • about pronouns, why it is important to respect everyone’s use of their pronouns and how to ask if you are unsure of someone’s pronouns [02:53]
  • what children and young people fear most about openly being themselves and the biggest impacts on their mental health and wellbeing [08:41]
  • how you can actively support the children and young people in your life to be their authentic selves [12:08]
  • how you can talk to the children and young people in your life who may be questioning their gender or sexuality [16:26]

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Parents of Gender Diverse Children

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