The Butterfly Garden: How a community built a garden and found connection

Runtime 00:25:45
Released 11/3/24
Emerging Minds Families
Emerging Minds Families
The Butterfly Garden: How a community built a garden and found connection

In our fast-paced, digitally-connected world, the importance of building meaningful relationships within our local communities often gets overlooked. However, moments of connection with our neighbours can enrich our lives in unexpected ways.  

In this episode our host Alicia Ranford, talks with mother and son, Debbie and Sam, and Sarah from the local council about how they teamed up to create a beautiful butterfly garden in their neighbourhood, the meaning behind the garden and the benefits and connection it has brought to their community.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • how a tragedy in Debbie and Sam’s community and a love of nature lead to the idea for the butterfly garden [01:40]
  • the benefits the butterfly garden has brought to their community [14:35]
  • Debbie and Sam talk about steps you can take if you want to create a space like this in your own community [18:56]
  • Sarah offer advice on the best ways to approach your local council if you have an idea to create connection in your community [20:06]

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