Tips for new parents: Bonding with your baby in their first 12 months

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Released 10/3/23
Emerging Minds Families
Emerging Minds Families
Tips for new parents: Bonding with your baby in their first 12 months

Bonding is considered a natural human instinct, and as new parents we are told it is an important part of our newborn babies’ development which helps to give them a sense of security and safety. For some that connection comes easily, but for many parents this bonding process can be more difficult.

In this podcast, our host Nadia Rossi talks with Vicki Mansfield, mother and mental health accredited social worker, about bonding and how you can get to know your baby in the first 12 months, especially if this doesn’t come naturally.



In this episode you will learn:

  • what bonding is and why it is important [00:52]
  • simple strategies to connect with your baby, especially if you are experiencing moments of difficulty [05:18]
  • how to practice your own self-care when caring for a baby [16:15]
  • how you can start the conversation that you need help if you are struggling as a parent or carer [19:49]


Further information and resources:


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