Using self-determination to support family violence interventions

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Released 31/5/21
Emerging Minds Podcast
Emerging Minds Podcast
Using self-determination to support family violence interventions

Craig Rigney is the CEO of KWY, a specialist Aboriginal family violence organisation that provides holistic wrap-around services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children who are experiencing family violence.

In this podcast you will hear how KWY walks alongside families to provide a holistic family model of care. Craig discusses how culture and other strengths are used to ensure a family-led approach that is based on self-determination. He also shares how KWY has embedded strategies that engage with, and listen to, the views of children, families and practitioners to improve outcomes.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • why there is a need for familyled decision making when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families [03:42]
  • the importance of self-determination in the provision of specialist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family violence interventions [08:37]
  • the importance of taking time and building relationships when engaging with families who are experiencing family violence [15:24]
  • how to apply a holistic model of social and emotional wellbeing when providing support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families [17:19].


Further information and resources

Honouring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices in healing family violence framework guide:

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