Responding to the mental health needs of school-aged children webinar

Emerging Minds and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), Australia, April 2019

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Resource Summary

This webinar was presented in conjunction with Emerging Minds and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. It features Dr Nick Kowalenko (psychiatrist), Dr Penny Burns (GP), Jane Grace (Child and Family Partner) and faciliator, Dr James Best. The presenters discuss responding to the mental health needs of school-aged children using a case study from Emerging Minds’ e-learning learning courses. The speakers provided practical examples of how GPs can engage with parents and children.

This webinar examines the kinds of issues that school aged children present with, how these issues can be affected by adverse family or schooling circumstances, and how GPs can open up helpful and supportive conversations with children and parents.
This webinar will examine Helen’s case study to observe how the GP responded. The presenters discuss their responses
to school-aged child mental health presentations, while providing practical examples of positive engagement with parents.
They discuss the conversations they might have with Helen that could focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of
Zac. An Emerging Minds’ Child and Family Partner discusses their views on positive engagement with GPs and how this can
help the mental health of the child.

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