Suicide in schools – Information for schools to provide to parents

Headspace National Youth Mental Health Organisation, Australia

This resource can be used for schools to distribute to parents or caregivers following a suicide in order to help them support a young person during this difficult time.

‘Exposure to suicide can be a traumatic experience. It can have profound emotional effect not only on family and friends, but on students, school staff, parents and the whole community.’

This resource is available in a webpage format that parents could be given the link to, or otherwise there is also a downloadable fact sheet version that can be printed out and given to parents and/or caregivers. It includes information specifically on:

  • ‘Young people respond to suicide in a range of different ways’
  • ‘Young people who have experienced other stressful events in their life may find it harder to cope’
  • ‘Some reactions can happen weeks, months or a year after the event’
  • ‘What young people need to know’
  • ‘Tell an adult if you are worried about a friend’
  • ‘Respond to community with concern and respect’
  • ‘Managing the media and how young people may be affected by the media’s response’
  • ‘Be aware school staff will also be affected’
  • ‘Where parents and young people can get more information and help’

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