Supporting trans and gender diverse children and their families webinar

Emerging Minds and Mental Health Professionals' Network (MHPN), Australia, 2020

This webinar features an interdisciplinary panel discussion of a case study. Facilitated by Mr Daniel Moss – Emerging Minds’ Workforce Development Manager. The panel includes youth worker Ms Susanne Prosser, child and family partner Ms Janet Brown, general practitioner Dr Nicholas Brayshaw and paediatrician Assoc. Prof. Michelle Telfer.

Learning outcomes

This webinar explores ways practitioners can use non-binary language, help families recognise and understand children’s choices and support children’s mental health where they identify as trans or gender diverse. It provides participants with the following learnings:

  • Choose practice that acknowledges what the child is experiencing is real and support parents in accepting and affirming their child’s choices and experiences
  • Select language which is not binary and doesn’t reinforce dominant stereotypes about gender
  • Describe how to use a support plan with trans and gender diverse children and their families
  • Identify referral pathways and how to make an appropriately supportive referral when working with trans and gender diverse children and their families.

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