Supporting trans or gender diverse children and their families with gender affirmation: A guide for GPs and paediatricians

Susanne Prosser, Australia, August 2019

This resource has been designed to guide practitioners through a conversation with a family and their child who is exploring their gender identity and who might be trans or gender diverse. It is both a checklist for you to use in your organisation, and a conversation guide.

This checklist should be worked through in conversation with the child and their family. This will help to alleviate any concerns that they have about returning to your service. Practitioners should print a copy for the child and their family, so that they may go away and think about things they would like to add or change. It can/should act as a positive affirming document that gives the child and their family some sense of control and agency over their life. The child should be at the centre of this discussion.

For more information about trans and gender diversity, see Supporting trans and gender diverse children and their families or the Trans and gender diverse support referral matrix.

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