Decolonising psychology – part two

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Released 4/3/24
Emerging Minds Podcast
Emerging Minds Podcast
Decolonising psychology - part two

This is the second episode in our two-part series with Professor Pat Dudgeon AM, Belle Selkirk and Dr Joanna Alexi from the Transforming Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing research program. You can listen to part one here.

In this episode, Aunty Pat, Belle and Joanna take us deep into the transformative journey of decolonising psychology. Aunty Pat stresses the importance of retaining crucial elements of psychology while critically examining psychological interventions. The spotlight is on the social and emotional wellbeing approach, offering a holistic view that extends beyond individual wellbeing to embrace connections with family, culture, community, Ancestors and spirituality.

Belle paints a picture of the integrated nature of social and emotional wellbeing, emphasising the interconnected domains shaping a person’s life. Joanna, providing a non-Indigenous perspective, shares her transformative experiences through a cultural exchange program, highlighting the ongoing process of unlearning colonial practices.

The conversation explores the collective hope for a strong Indigenous psychology workforce, cultural responsiveness, and cultural safety in psychology and mental health. Aunty Pat envisions a future where diverse programs and services cater to the wellbeing of all, fostering a deep respect for each other and the planet.

This episode sheds light on the inspiring efforts to reshape psychology with Indigenous knowledge at its core, offering valuable insights into the ongoing journey of transformation and inclusivity in the field.

In this episode, you will:

  • explore Aunty Pat’s journey to decolonise psychology, understanding the importance of critical examination in preserving essential elements while making space for Indigenous knowledge systems [02:30]
  • gain insights into the social and emotional wellbeing approach in psychology [06:23]
  • explore a non-Indigenous perspective on decolonising psychology, including the ongoing process of unlearning colonial practices and fostering cultural responsiveness within the field [09:08]
  • consider the tenacity of Indigenous leaders, including the importance of cultural teachings in grounding individuals amidst the challenges of psychology work [12:51]
  • envision a future where diverse programs and services cater to universal wellbeing, fostering deep respect for each other and the planet [15:19].

Further information and resources:

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