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Emerging Minds, Australia, November 2023

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Here’s a list of songs that help us feel connected – with our families and beyond.

You might want to search for these songs on your preferred music platform (e.g. Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc) and make a playlist with the songs you enjoy.


‘From little things big things grow’ by Electric Fields

‘Our family love this version of the classic Kev Carmody song where Zaachariaha has artfully told this powerful story using our mother’s and grandmother’s language. From a family line that has endured many disconnections, we have found ways to reconnect to our Pitjantjatjara culture, like enjoying this song together as a family.’

– The Turners, Peramangk and Kaurna Country


‘American pie’ by Don McLean

‘There’s lots of different thoughts about the meaning behind this song, but it’s special to me because my mum and I always sing this when it comes on the radio in the car! It’s a shared moment that helps me feel connected to her.’

– Renee, Kaurna Country


‘Uncommon connection’ by John Hiatt

People who are introverted can find it challenging to connect with others and often prefer to observe the world from a different perspective, enjoying it in their own way. This song honours those of us who are introverted by embracing our preference for solitude over social gatherings. Hiatt wants us to understand that this way of connecting, even from the comfort of our own chairs, is perfectly OK.


‘Right down the line’ by Gerry Rafferty

‘This song connects me to my dad. He passed away 13 years ago but every time I hear this it’s like he’s sitting right with me with a big smile on his face.’

– Ben, 36 years old, Kaurna Country.


‘Daisy a day’ by Jud Strunk

‘It tells of the love of a man and woman as they grow old together.’

– Stuart, Wurundjeri Country


‘Reach out and touch somebody’s hand’ by Diana Ross

This song offers encouragement to connect with those you care about and your community.


‘I miss you’ by Blink-182

‘This was always my go to song when my kids were in care.’
– Rachael, Kaurna Country


‘Connections’ by Naughty By Nature

Please note this song contains explicit lyrics

This song isn’t about forging romantic relationships but making meaningful friendships. It’s about knowing who has your back and understanding who your family is because, at the end of the day, they are the ones who support you.


‘Saves the day’ by Sticky Fingers

‘This is a song about coming to terms with your past. It makes me feel not so alone that other people have to do this too.’
– Parent, Kaurna Country


‘Ethereal connection’ by Babylonia

In a dance song like this, lovely lyrics often get lost, but there is one phrase that genuinely speaks of an ethereal connection: ‘Among the eagles, you fly like a dove.’ It’s a lovely way to describe the feeling of finding grace.


‘You’re the voice’ by John Farnham

‘It gives me inspiration.’

– Ann, Wurundjeri Country


‘One by one’ by Shelley Morningsong

This award-winning Native American singer-songwriter wrote this song to emphasise ‘the power of Native American youth in impacting their own lives and those of their people.’


‘Nutbush city limits’ by Tina Turner

‘Makes me want to dance!’

– Keely, young person living with disability, Wurundjeri Country


‘Reach out of the darkness’ by Friend & Lover

‘I think it’s wonderful that people are finally getting together’ – and if you reach out you may find an unexpected friend.


‘Roar’ by Katy Perry

‘I listen to this song with my friends in my bedroom, so it makes me feel happy to think of that.’

– Madi, age 8, Peramangk and Kaurna Country


‘Get together’ by The Youngbloods

Rock band The Youngbloods perform a folk song written by Chet Powers in 1963: ‘Smile on your brother … Try to love one another right now.’


‘In Hell I’ll be in good company’ by The Dead South

‘Because it makes us laugh!’

– The Dean Family, Kaurna Country


‘Beat connection’ by LCD Soundsystem

This song encourages us to take a leap of faith and experience the joy and connection that love brings.


‘Down under’ by Men At Work

‘Because we connect to being Australian!’

– The Dean Family, Kaurna Country


‘Down under (Under one sun)’ by King Stingray

‘A great cover by a super cool band from the Northern Territory!’

– Dayna (she/her), Kaurna Country


‘Good vibes’ by Rebelution

A reggae rock band sing about moving away from prejudice and bringing ‘good vibes’.


‘Red wine supernova’ by Chappell Roan

Please note this song contains explicit lyrics

‘To get my queer girl dance chant on!’

– Dayna (she/her), Kaurna Country


‘Rumble’ by Fred Again

‘I feel connected to my dad when I hear this song because we listen to it in the car a lot.’

– Archer, age 9, Peramangk and Kaurna Country


‘Friendship train’ by Gladys Knight & The Pips

This song from 1969 sings about the ‘friendship train’ that stands for justice, freedom, harmony and peace.


‘Connection’ by Elastica

This is a song that creates that connection in your brain, that gets you tapping your feet without knowing what you are doing. It sings about going beyond just meeting someone and feeling chemistry. They explore the deeper aspects of connection.


‘Wake me up in Paris’ by Anthony Keyrouz & Paradigm

‘I cannot take my son on any overseas trips, but this song gives me such a positive feeling that everything will be OK eventually.’

– M (she/her), Kaurna Country

‘Music is one of the things that helped me throughout my life. There are so many possibilities for connectedness with a song and music with no lyrics. My own choices and loves are not important here: the point is finding what takes you to another level of connection.’

- Parent looking back on their life, Gadigal Country


Relaxing Persian music’ on YouTube

‘The musical instruments used for this music take me back home, help me relax and feel great, kind of takes me away from this difficult life.’

– M (she/her), Kaurna Country


‘Olooh, a war dance for peace’ by Kasai Allstars

This song refers to an ancestral custom in certain villages [in the Congo]: When disagreement occurs between some communities, they look for a peaceful solution by performing a specific war dance, bearing weapons in their hands. It’s a dance which used to signal the end of hostilities, and serves nowadays to solve conflicts.


‘World Cup’ by IShowSpeed

‘Suggested by my 6-year-old son as he likes soccer!’

– M (she/her), Kaurna Country


‘Rainbow connection’ by Kermit The Frog

Kermit speaks about what it means to have hope in your heart while perhaps taking a chance on an adventure.

What songs help you feel or stay connected?


These songs were sourced from:

  • families with lived experience, practitioners and staff who have worked on this resources
  • Musical Mum: Thoughts about music (blog); and
  • Mindful Teachers: Living, learning and teaching with mindful awareness (blog).
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